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Diamond Towels
Bath-Mat-22x34-Diamond Bath-Mat-22x34-Diamond
$ 46.95
As low as: $ 45.95
Bath-Towel-27x54-Diamond Bath-Towel-27x54-Diamond
$ 79.95
As low as: $ 74.95
Hand-Towel-16x30-Diamond Hand-Towel-16x30-Diamond
$ 23.95
As low as: $ 22.95
Wash-Cloth -13x13-Diamond Wash-Cloth -13x13-Diamond
$ 8.95
As low as: $ 8.50

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NORTH EAST HOTEL SUPPLY is the leading distributor in the New England for all lodging supplies. North East Hotel Supply has been providing amenities, linens, paper products and much more to the hospitality industries.


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